January 13, 2023

How to match a dishwasher to your IKEA cabinets?

Are you about to buy new cabinetry or upgrade the look of the existing one? Before you go to the IKEA planner or start placing an order with us, first you need to take very detailed measurements.

Whether doing the dishes is more of fun or nuisance for you has not much relevance nowadays, as sustainable behaviours are no longer a trend, but a necessity. If you cook, the dishes get dirty and as you care about the planet and water consumption costs, getting yourself a dishwasher is a must. It uses 3 times less water than you do during manual dishwashing on average and will help save a lot of time and water resource in the long-term perspective. 

Whether you are set to remodel or furnish your kitchen from scratch, please read our tips, which will help you in matching your IKEA kitchen cabinetry with a suitable dishwasher. When deciding on which appliance to buy for your IKEA METOD kitchen, remember that the integrated fronts and frames of the Swedish supplier do not come with a “standard” height of 72 cm, but 80 cm. What happens in practice is that the dishwasher's front will lean on the toe kick preventing its full 90 degree opening. This will make retracting the bottom rack impossible, let alone its comfortable loading. While purchasing a dishwasher together with cabinets at IKEA will erase this issue, going rather for your favourite manufacturer’s appliance leaves you with all the consequences of adjustments at installation. How to avoid problems?

Purchasing a non-IKEA dishwasher and trouble-free installation 

Make sure you buy a dishwasher whose dimensions fit in the IKEA frame units with the use of the original fitting system, without having to use adapting solutions such as extra sliding rails or a lowered worktop. In order to do so, keep in mind to note a couple of key dimensions described below.  

A dishwasher for full integration within a kitchen cabinetry has no dedicated cabinet. It is fitted in an empty gap between cabinets and fixed to their side panels and a worktop using angle profiles, having raised and levelled it prior to that. What matters is to find a right place for the appliance, which must be between two cabinets inside a space of 600 mm wide and not less that 550 mm deep. When buying the dishwasher, make sure you will be able to adjust its height both at the front and back up to nearly 900 mm. The major dimensions you need to know when buying a dishwasher to be built in the IKEA set are – the distance from the dishwasher’s bottom front concealed behind the toe kick to the cabinet’s front must be 13 cm
– the door’s height must be between 670 and 825 mm
– then, the dishwasher will fit in using the original fitting system with no extra sliding rails needed.

Purchasing an IKEA dishwasher 

To complement your kitchen cabinetry system and have a peace of mind, buy one of the IKEA dishwasher models, TALLBODA, RENODLAD, TILLREDA, PROFFSIG, RENGÖRA, DISKAD, HYGIENISK LAGAN. All fits and works well.

Purchasing a non-IKEA dishwasher and using a sliding hinge 

Alternatively, you can buy a non-IKEA dishwasher and extra rails for adjusted installation, for example BEHJÄLPLIG, IKEA [PLN 349] or the adapt-r sliding system [PLN 468]. This, however, means an additional cost, plus the sliding hinges can start squeaking with time. Comments can be found on the Internet saying that the hinge spontaneously lowers its setting under its load. We find this solution the most risky and therefore least recommended.  

Note the location for the dishwasher 

To ensure a swift installation procedure, we suggest you do not install the connections immediately behind the dishwasher, but, for example, under the adjacent sink. If you install the connections directly behind the appliance, pushing it in place could be difficult. What is more, it is not practical, as in the event of emergency or a need to close the water valve, you will have to take out the dishwasher all the way.

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