Who is your product range for?

All those who plan to furnish a new kitchen or redesign their existing kitchen based on the IKEA METOD system.

What materials do you use to make the fronts? 

Our unique kitchen fronts, worktops, cabinets, drawers, panels and toe kicks are made with meticulously selected high-quality materials, including Neolith, Corian, linoleum, steel, brass, MDF, Polish veneer and the Fenix laminate in a wide assortment of colours.

Who makes the fronts? 

The Frontson range is created by professional designers, carpenters and metal workers who love their craft. The Frontson kitchen cabinetry is made through artisanal production with best quality materials. We work with carpenters and metal workers that have honed their skills for years. A testimony to our top standards are carefully selected materials and attention to every detail. We are keeping up with the latest trends and solutions while still relying on our minimalistic style and perfect workmanship. We do not take any shortcuts, so we guarantee that upon ordering our fronts you will receive a 100% one-of-a-kind product crafted in a woodworking shop.

Do you make fronts for built-in kitchen equipment?

IKEA sells kitchen equipment to be built in the IKEA METOD kitchens. If you purchased that appliance or you are planning to do so, you can be sure that it will fit the carcasses of this manufacturer’s furniture. There will be no problems with supplying fronts for these appliances. For any equipment from other manufacturers, please let us know its details so we check and recommend best solution.

Do you make custom kitchen cabinetry?

Yes, we also manufacture complete sets to customised specifications.

How do I take measurements when I want order a complete kitchen set?

Draw a plan of your kitchen with furniture including dimensions. Measure the width and height of the fronts, provide their functions, for example, right/left door, drawer, wall cabinets with pneumatic lift up, etc.). Remember to mark the connections for water, gas and electrical power supplies, as well as the location of the kitchen hood. Attach the photo taken with your smartphone.

How do I take measurements when I want order new fronts?

If you intend to replace your old fronts or buy new ones for the IKEA METOD system, it is quite simple. You only need to measure the widths of your base and wall cabinets, plus the height of your cabinets for built-in equipment and drawers. Our fronts are precut to be fit with the IKEA hinges, so you no need to measure the inner sides of your cabinets. Are you planning to order the base moulding for the units? Remember to measure the side walls (height and depth) of the cabinets and check the height of the toe kicks. 

How do I order the Frontson fronts?

Choose the collection and the variant you like. Then, use the configuration tool and tick the front types with exact dimensions to move to the last step of placing your order.  Should you be unsure whether you made all choices correctly, send us a PDF with a finished kitchen design in the IKEA planner (the design should include all views with preferably a shopping list broken down into fronts, drawers, panels needed, filler moulding and toe kicks). Quote the fronts you liked from our range and let us process it all and contact you.

How do I know which IKEA kitchen set I own?

If you made your purchase after 2013, you own the IKEA METOD kitchen. You can verify this by measuring the toe kick height. It will be 8 cm for the METOD units.

What do I order from IKEA?

If you are still at the stage of planning to buy a kitchen from IKEA, get the cabinet frames, hinges, dampers, accessories and inner components. Let us provide you with all the rest.

At which step do I make a payment?

You will make a payment upon placing your order. Once it is through our accounting, we start the production.

Can I order samples?

Yes, we advise ordering samples as the best way to check materials and their colours. We send them on an ongoing basis.

Can I order a different colour for the MDF fronts?

Our fronts can be ordered in any colour from the NCS index. View the palette and choose the colour to suit your needs. We will prepare customised pricing depending on the colour chosen, and we will get in contact. 

What is the total lead time?

The lead times vary material to material, and you will be informed about the exact time. It can take from 8 to 12 weeks.

Our fronts are a bespoke affordable handicraft alternative to the standardised production. They combine the IKEA METOD base units with the cutting-edge Frontson kitchen fronts.
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