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The UNI_LINO_ASH Fronts combine linoleum and the oak veneer.
Both components are natural materials, and while the veneer needs no further explanation, the linoleum comes as a bit of surprise, as it's made wood flour, linseed oil, resins, calcium carbonate and pigments, all pressed onto a natural jute backing cloth. The ASH colour linoleum adds a soft and snug note to your kitchen, and the natural oak veneer finish of the front's internal parts and edges consolidate top quality look and value.

Linoleum comes with numerous benefits, including increased durability, resistance to denting and abrasion, as well as it is easy to keep it clean. Veneer is a durable material, which when impregnated and maintained will last for years.
Our fronts are a bespoke affordable handicraft alternative to the standardised production. They combine the IKEA METOD base units with the cutting-edge Frontson kitchen fronts.
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